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Improve quality and production of assembly automation industries from automated equipment

Improve quality and production of assembly automation industries from automated equipment

Jul 24,2019
Improve quality and production of assembly automation industries from automated equipment
Assembly automation industries Young, director of materials and manufacturing technology at Boeing Research & Technology, said in his speech at the assembly automation industries Manufacturing Summit in Long Beach, California, that automation will play an important role in the future of the company.

Automation allows us to improve our costs, quality and production rates, says Young, who leads a team of 1,000 engineers who develop next-generation production materials and processes for a variety of current and future Boeing products Future.

According to Young, Boeing is making the transition to agile systems with an integrated robotic family, cost-effective smart systems, and lightweight, flexible devices.However, he cautioned that his team faced many challenges.

For example, Boeing engineers are investigating new robotic riveting applications. Replacing the fascinating human workforce with two robotic systems is a challenge,says Young. The automation of the riveting process requires a large amount of knowledge and data.

Young says that Boeing is moving towards automated systems with miniaturization, multiple end assembly automation industries, multiple robots and a highly intelligent computer system incorporated.

Automating aviation is not easy,says Young. We are learning from the automotive industry and at the same time we are trying to face the challenges [especially for the aerospace industry].

Scaling, complexity and structural integration make it difficult to automate manufacturing processes, says Young. Optimizing the automation of capital costs, tariffs and units requires a learning curve, and new capabilities in simulation, detection, data, computing, integration and robotics are needed to transform our assets in the future.

Other monuments
Traditionally, automation in the aerospace industry has consisted of large monumental machines driven by manual processes. However, in the last five years, the aerospace industry has sought to improve its production and efficiency.

Complete plant solutions are required to achieve this,assembly automation industries, senior process and proposal engineer at assembly automation industries. Airbus to mobile. customers see products that help.

Aerospace manufacturers are looking for suppliers to improve the accuracy, speed and quality of the robot as a whole, says assembly automation industries. Unlike Monument’s large machines, they see the value of solutions that are not permanently anchored to the ground or that require investment in equipment such as isolated foundations or air-conditioned environments, which makes automation smarter and greener. “that is developed to compensate.

On the other hand, the newest plant of Boeing is located in North Charleston, South Carolina, in a region without historical labor in the aerospace industry. A number of skilled workers were transferred assembly automation industries to the region to implement and operate an automation system that will perform some of the manual work on the Everett line.

Since the production rates and figures are not equivalent, the jury has not yet determined which production method is the best. The large scale and reduced tolerances for a lower weight do not allow manual assembly in all areas.

In this case, Boeing engineers opt for automated assembly. According to an observer, this optimization can eliminate the possibility of manual manufacturing of parts.

Another problem with the automation assignment assembly automation industries is the reliability of the assembler. The Boeing can build the 787 efficiently by hand, the observer explains, but not on the days when people work poorly or do not seem to work. There are also recurring tasks with ergonomic risks that can be managed automatically.

Aerospace companies are looking for all kinds of automation solutions today, says assembly automation industries, PE, mechanical engineer and chief of staff at assembly automation industries Inc., which has developed a variety of solutions. Automation and tools for manufacturers in the aerospace industry worldwide. We see a demand in all areas, from riveting to the skin, joining and assembling the stringers.